Post-Meeting Virtual Event

We recognize that some are not comfortable meeting in person just yet, and others might have conflicts that keep them from joining with us in person. To address those needs, we are developing a separate, virtual event that will take place one week after the in-person meeting on Monday, July 25.

For six weeks beginning July 25, pre-recorded versions of presentations and posters from the in-person meeting will be available on demand to those registered for the both virtual and in person meeting. In addition, there will be live virtual events via Zoom from 12–3:30pm EDT on July 25 (see schedule below).

All registrants for the full in-person meeting will have access to the virtual event on July 25; registrants who are only participating in the virtual event will pay a reduced registration fee of $50.

July 25 Virtual Event Schedule (all times EDT)

(The “Careers in Ornithology” panel originally scheduled for the virtual event day has been cancelled.)